On Target: Dec 2013

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President Message
The Institute is now in its 18th year, having been incorporated in 1996. Over the past year the Institute was successful in canvassing for the role of ‘Management Accountant’ to be maintained for a fourth year in the Australian Government’s Skilled Occupation List (SOL) for General Skilled Migration (GSM).  Read More

CEO Message
I am happy to report that we had a 12% increase in membership in the previous year (this is more than the 7% increase in membership numbers we achieved in the year before).  Read More

Branch News

CFO of the Future: Strategic Contributor or Value Adder?
The traditional finance function has a unique role in any business organization – finance interfaces with all points in the value chain and has more direct contact with other functional departments and divisions than most other areas. Read More

Gearing for Growth – Strategise First
All growth strategies can be classified into one of two fundamental categories:  concentration within existing industries or diversification into other lines of business or industries. Read More

Income Recognition and Measurement of Net Assets
Recognition is the process of formally recording and reporting an item in the financial statements. Realization is the process of converting non-cash resources into cash or rights to cash. Read More

Millennials Take New Approach to Work-Life Balance
As the line between “personal” and “business” grows thinner and thinner for this generation, Millennials are increasingly finding adventure through business. Read more

What’s On in the World of the CMA?
ICMA programs around the world. Read More

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