On Target: Aug/Sep 2013

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CEO Message
Since our last communication, I have spent most of my time in opening up new markets for ICMA. This has taken me to China and Vietnam, and also ICMA is about to finalise an MOU to open its first program in Europe, in Cypress. Read More

Digital Revolution has Changed CFOs Face
Information technology has changed everything in this world. The role and façade of Chief Finance Officer (CFO) has also gone under a revolutionary transformation with the advent of computer, the internet and visual tools. Read More

Sri Lanka: ICMA (Australia) Graduation 2013
The annual graduation ceremony of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA) Australia was held at the BMICH recently amongst a group of distinguished guests and invitees. Read More 

Career of a Management Accountant
If you dream to be a management accountant you need to have passion for keeping track of financial records. The position of a management accountant has responsibilities as well as power. Read More

CFOs Lure Investors with Compelling Stories
For every salesman storytelling is easy and this is what makes them good at selling. Similarly, a CFO also attracts investors by telling good stories. Read More

CFOs and their staffs who are thinking about increasing the use of their forecasts should heed a warning sign from a new survey: Eighty percent of mid-size to large companies are making hay out of less than one-half of their potential productivity of their budgeting and forecasting efforts. Read More 

First CPD Program by Dubai CMA Branch
The first CPD organised by CMA Australia, UAE Chapter (Wisdom Institute, Dubai, UAE) on 20th April 2013 was on the topic “International Business Analysis”.  Read More

AFMA – A New Provider of the ICMA CPD Program
The ICMA takes great pleasure in recognising the Academy of Finance and Management Australia (AFMA) as Approved Provider. AFMA  provides training programs and issues Board Certified credentials to successful candidates worldwide. Read more

What’s On in the World of the CMA?
ICMA programs around the world. Read More

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Practioners are from Mars, Academics are from Venus

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