On Target: Oct/Nov 2011

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Cover Story : When the Fish Stinks from the Head

Large corporate collapses and scandals capture media headlines for a short period and are inevitably followed by regulatory backlash as governments, professional associations and other injured stakeholders look for scapegoats. 

Tech Tools
 : The Concept of Risk Management in the 21st Century Business Environment

When making business decisions we must know why and how the decision is being made and what the potential range of outcomes could be.  Read more...

Student Notes
 : Cost Concepts, Categories and Flows

Many management decisions are based on cost information, so an understanding of the various types of costs and how they can be used in decision making is an important skill.   Read more...

ICMA Member of the Month

In this issue we celebrate Robert Stewart, the member responsible for putting together and publishing On Target for the decade preceding its recent transformation to an e-Mag.  Read more...


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Practioners are from Mars, Academics are from Venus

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