On Target: Aug/Sep 2011

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Cover Story- Balanced scorecards: moving beyond measurement

Management surveys of global business leaders regularly identify strategy execution as their biggest challenge.  Read more... 

Case Study- It’s a small world - isn’t it? 

The small world phenomenon has been shown to be more than unlikely coincidence and curious anecdote. Networks exhibiting small world properties are observable in many different contexts. Read more... 

Tech Tools - The Concept of Risk Management in the 21st Century Business Environment

Managing risk and decision making are at the core of the human condition; it is the ability to think and choose between different alternatives that separate a thinking being from one that is driven solely by instinct.  Read more... 

ICMA Member of the Month

Dr Nalaka Godehewa is the ICMA branch President in Sri Lanka and Chairman Sri Lanka Tourism with broad corporate experience in a number of industries.


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Practioners are from Mars, Academics are from Venus

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