On Target: Mar/Apr/May 2011

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Practioners are from Mars, Academics are from Venus?
Practioners are from Mars, Academics are from Venus?
Academic papers are perceived to lack relevance, be difficult to read and not to address real-world problems. In short, academics and practitioners speak different languages.

Taking Management Accounting to Another level
Appropriately utilised, the Strategic Audit (SA) process has the potential to reposition the management accounting profession

Online EPR Systems Migrate to the Cloud
Data centres are a huge recipient of investment funds in Australia, the driver being the growth of clud computing services..

ICMA Member of the Month
Our Member of the Month is Yogendra Chhetri of Kathmandu, Nepal who workd in the finance and administration unit of the UNESCO Nepal Country Office and is an ICMA ambassador in his region.

ICMA Courses 2011

  • ICMA symposium - 21 to 27 April
  • Philippines Program #22 - 7 May to 23 July 2011
  • Philippines Program #23- 3 Sep to 26 Nov 2011

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