On Target: Jun/Jul 2011

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In this issue

Practioners are from Mars, Academics are from Venus


Cover Story - Rating Australian Company Reports

The maintenance and enhancement of an organisation’s reputation is a powerful force driving voluntary certifications ranked on perceptual and factual data.

Case Study - Managing Management Control from the Get - Go

The case study illustrates how many of the so-called softer aspects for achieving effective management control can be extremely successful when they are skilfully applied. Read more...

Tech Tools A Practical Approach for Implementing a Strategic Audit

In this issue we continue our series on Strategic Audit, outlining a simple methodology for converting theory into practice. Read more...= 

ICMA Member of the Month

Henry Ong of Manila has an outstanding record of achievement in expanding the ICMA profile in his region providing a role model for branch development and management. He is a businessman and the CEO of the ICMA’s Philippines education partner. Read more...

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