Pointers on Exams



All students should note that as ICMA exams are OPEN BOOK exams, marks in the theory questions are not given for those who copy everything in the notes!

Most questions have a "quote", on which the student is asked to comment in their own words. Many students used to the closed book style of exams completely ignored the "quote" and simply copy everything relating to the topic in the time given.

Memorising and regurgitating knowledge is often the norm for 'closed-book' exams, but not for open book exams in which integrated understanding of the wider issues are expected.

The ICMA expects students to:

  1. Answer the question as relevant to the "quote" they have been asked to comment on.
  2. Use their own words.
  3. Use their own examples from practice.
  4. Show that they are familiar with the readings for each topic.
  5. Examiners like ‘quality’ not ‘quantity’. Usually a well thought out answer would be approx. 2-pages of average handwriting answering to the point.